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Medical malpractice litigation:

Undermining South Africa’s health system

Medical malpractice claims against Gauteng government top R21bn

Why the Gauteng Health Department is coughing up in court

Spate of birth malpractice claims against Bara

Soaring medico-legal claims against state hospitals: Courts may consider forms of compensation other than lump-sum payments

Solution to R105bn in medical negligence claims is ‘state health care’

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State medical negligence claims and payouts almost quadruple over four years

Gauteng health department cut R2bn in medical negligence claims after mediation process

Counting the cost: The consequences of increased medical malpractice litigation in South Africa

We also understand that sometimes unfounded claims

could cause catastrophic loss in our public systems. It

could close down hospitals, it could bankrupt departments, and it could harm our people and our country. Which is why

we refuse to turn a blind eye.


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